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About Shilla Stay

  • Hotel Overview
    Samsung Group Affiliate

    Hotel Shilla’s new brand, Shilla Stay adds a fresh sensibility to the exquisite value of the Shilla.

    Brand Driver

    “SMARTER STAY” Shilla Stay delivers a benefit of “Value for Money” by providing products and services focused on what our guests need and want under the brand concepts of:

      • • Addressing guest’s needs
      • • No unwanted surprises, under control
      • • No extremes
    • SMART
      • • Efficient, no hassle, easy to deal with
      • • Good judgment on what is important
      • • Urban lifestyle
      • • Sensitive to trends, progressive attitude
      • • Focusing resources to provide services that matter, “just right”
      • • Eco-friendly, close to real life
    Brand Values
    Brand Promise

    Shilla Stay is Upscale hotel which carefully selects products and services that are important and meaningful to our guests, in order to create a no-hassle and smart environment. Tailored for discerning travellers who understand what they really need, we promise to deliver a comforting hotel experience that recognizes guests’ needs, and ultimately becomes their best decisions.

    • May. Shilla Stay Plus Ihotewoo
    • Oct. Shilla Stay Yeosu
    • Apr. Shilla Stay Seobusan
    • Mar. Shilla Stay Samsung
    • May. Shilla Stay Haeundae
    • Apr. Shilla Stay Seocho
    • Jul. Shilla Stay Cheonan
    • Feb. Shilla Stay Guro
    • Dec. Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun
    • Sep. Shilla Stay Mapo
    • Jul. Shilla Stay Ulsan
    • MaY. Shilla Stay Seodaemun
    • Mar. Shilla Stay Jeju
    • Oct. Shilla Stay Yeoksam
    • Nov. Shilla Stay Dongtan

    Shilla Stay provides upscale hotel management services to hotel developers and owners based on the operating know-how of Hotel Shilla

    • Mar. K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) No.1 in the Business Hotel Category - Shilla Stay
    • Mar. K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) No.1 in the Business Hotel Category - Shilla Stay
    • Mar. K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) No.1 in the Business Hotel Category - Shilla Stay
    • Mar. K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) No.1 in the Business Hotel Category - Shilla Stay

    5F, 210, Dasan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
    (3 minutes on foot from Chonggu Station on subway line 5)

  • Brand Story
    The best choice that will meet all of your needs and expectations

    Shilla Stay built upon the concept of “Smarter Stay” provides a space that adds a fresh sensibility onto the values of the Shilla brand’s products and services.Shilla Stay’s number one priority is to understand what you need and want. This makes us create what is truly meaningful to you.Shilla Stay offers a comfortable, pleasurable hotel experience. That is why Shilla Stay is a great choice for you.

    신라스테이 객실 사진

    A Superb Relaxing Retreat
    Luxury bedding and amenities and sensuous modern design elements are geared to make your stay extra special.

    신라스테이 Cafe 사진

    A Delightful Start to the Day
    Get a fresh start to your day with a quality breakfast. “I just feel like something good is about to happen today.”

    신라스테이 Bar 사진

    A Cozy, Classy Bar
    At our Lounge & Bar, enjoy a cozy, trendy atmosphere of modern elegance and give yourself permission to relax.

    신라스테이 사진

    Distinctive Designs
    In line with trends in contemporary art, Shilla Stay’s designs are characterized by simplicity and conciseness. Enjoy the settings of exceptional beauty in stylish designs.

    Shilla Stay Plus

    Shilla Stay Plus offers the value of a Shilla hotel at a reasonable price,
    marking it as Hotel Shilla's upscale leisure-oriented brand.
    We invite you to enjoy a delightful experience that enhances relaxation and leisure in your daily life,
    featuring upgraded rooms, amenities, and dining establishments.

    더욱 쾌적한 객실 사진

    Even More Comfortable Rooms
    Enjoy a comfortable rest in our various room types,
    from basic rooms featuring open areas to Ondol and bunk rooms

    특별한 순간을 위한 특화 부대시설 사진

    Specialized Facilities for Memorable Moments
    Our diverse facilities, from an open-air swimming pool to
    indoor and outdoor lounges with cozy atmospheres, are
    designed for enjoying special moments.

    누구와 함께해도 즐거운 다이닝 공간 사진

    Dining Spaces for Enjoyment with Anyone
    Create happy memories in carefully curated spaces such as the
    rooftop bar, poolside lounge, and outdoor café, each offering
    beautiful sceneries.